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What are services? Services are custom web designs, email designs, custom data features, on-call design services, and much more. Why do I need services? If you’re short on time, if you don’t have the resources, you want to make your campaigns more robust and visually engaging, or for expert advice on how to power campaign – we are here to offer our expertise and services to you. What services does everydayhero offer? You can see the variety of services we offer below, but it boils down to everything from design consultancy to data analytics and insight. You know the best way to get the most from software is to make it eye-catching, engaging, well designed and measurable. That’s what we do.

Campaign design

If it appears in a website, we can design it. Including your individual everydayhero campaign pages.

We love a design challenge for when you need something really unique, but we also know that branding guidelines exist for a very good reason and sometimes we need to stick to your organisation’s look and feel to make sure that your supporters identify with it. We can work with existing design material provided by an agency, or come up with something of our own!

  • Creative design
  • HTML and CSS build
  • Mobile-optimised sites
  • Custom hub pages
  • everydayhero special features
  • Custom leaderboards
  • Custom totalisers
  • Custom countdowns

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Fundraising hubs

The Fundraising Hub aggregates all of your everydayhero events into a single supporter-facing microsite. The Hub creates a digital community for all your online fundraisers and has features such as lead tables, totalisers, featured fundraisers and more to help stimulate engagement and competition across all your events.

Many fundraisers feel that their efforts are in solution; the Hub creates a sense of community by allowing your supporters to see what each other are doing.

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Strava integration

Designed by athletes, for athletes, Strava’s mobile app and website connect millions of runners and cyclists through the sports they love. Strava lets supporters track their rides and runs via their iPhone, Android or dedicated GPS device and helps them analyse and quantify their performance.

Everydayhero allows for seamless integration with Strava so that fundraisers can post their training and show their supporters how hard they’re working for the event.

Dashboard reports

We can provide you with real-time Dashboard Reports that give you key insights to help you track your fundraising performance, measure your success, and understand the impact your communications and campaign are having.

If you have more specific requirements, we can also build reports around any custom fields that you and your organisation should need. It’s all presented in an easy-to-consume, sharable dashboard with heat maps, graphs, pie charts and other visual representations to bring your data to life.

Find out more about Dashboard Reports.

Campaign Widgets

Create impact and encourage support on your website by using Campaign Widgets to pull in live fundraising information from everydayhero. Engage your fundraisers by reinforcing targets, encouraging competition, and creating a sense of community around your cause.

Choose from a selection of examples designed to be quick and easy to implement, or we can design and build a special one for you. These features can be used in your everydayhero site or pulled into your main website. Examples include:

  • Fundraiser leaderboards
  • Featured fundraiser walls
  • Custom totalisers
  • Event date countdowns
  • Supporter search

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Thank you pages

Thank you pages are a perfect opportunity to communicate the impact that donations have to your cause and acquire new lifetime supporters and event participants. After making their donation, supporters can be directed to a custom thank you page made to suit your messaging, branding and campaigns.

Whether it’s creating an engaging video or helping you drive donors into event participants, everydayhero can support you by ensuring a seamless user journey complete with consistent content and imagery. It can even use data straight from your everydayhero account to show dynamic impact numbers as well as totalisers, leaderboards and supporter walls.

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