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Giving is changing. The fundraiser wants choice and control over how their money is given – that’s nothing new. However, what is new is the need for immediate and direct feedback as to what that choice and their generous gift has accomplished. Some call it project-based funding. Some call it peer-to-peer fundraising. Some call it crowdfundraising. Whatever you call it, your institution needs to be responsive to the giving preferences of your alumni, donors, academics, students and friends and provide technology to support them in giving.

everydayhero from Blackbaud gives you just that. Projects can be created in minutes, carrying your branding and campaign message. You can set targets, time limits and share this with your community of supporters. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, you get the details of all the donors – allowing you to engage with and cultivate relationships with both the fundraiser and those who give to them. And, unlike other crowdfunding sites, we recognise that fundraising is vital – which is why you receive the funds raised even if you fall short of the target.

Crowdfundraising Examples

While everydayhero can match all of your typical crowdfunding features, it is the additional peer-to-peer capabilities like social media and fitness app integrations that will elevate the social fundraising and engagement levels of your projects. And because we are part of Blackbaud, we are committed to ensuring everydayhero offers a solution which integrates effectively with your CRM system in the long-term, at no financial risk to your organisation.

Manage everything from sports club fundraising to cutting-edge medical research, from alumni year-group reunions to museum and library special acquisitions, and from student leavers gifts to university-wide giving days. Click on the images for examples of your next successful crowdfundraising project.

The Raiser’s Edge Customers

For all customers of The Raiser’s Edge, if you would like to upgrade to RE NXT we will offer you discounted services on everydayhero to build your projects hub.

Whether it’s creating an engaging video or helping you drive donors into event participants, everydayhero can support you by ensuring a seamless user journey complete with consistent content and imagery. It can even use data straight from your everydayhero account to show dynamic impact numbers as well as totalisers, leaderboards and supporter walls.